Heal from cult abuse & narcissism trauma

Write your new story— free from shame & blame

Getting out is just the first step. It’s time you free your story from the trauma cycle and feel wholly yourself.

You may have seen Heidi in


your voice




your story

your resilience got you this far

What is your unique
Story Growth Advantage?

it can feel hopeless

Born into a life of control & coercion, you battle childhood trauma every day

You're stuck grieving the life that was never yours to begin with

You try to talk to friends, family and therapists, but they just don’t get it. (Or worse they even traumatize you, making you feel responsible or pathetic.) Everyone’s advice buries you deeper into your trauma and shame. And you don’t know how to climb out.

You look put together but really it’s your perfectionism trying to mask the pain inside–deep down you feel utterly broken and invisible.

put their narrative of you on the shelf—for good.

Everything you need to author your own future is inside.

I'm Heidi and I've lived it too.

Having personally overcome a society that gaslights cult and narcissism survivors, I know what you need to be heard, helped and healed.

It is possible to free your story from the trauma cycle.

memoir coming soon


Like The Handmaid’s Tale with a Hollywood ending—about a girl who comes of age in the biggest cult you’ve never heard of.

“From the opening pages, Church Heidi vs real Heidi grabs you and takes you on an incredible journey filled with tragedy, love and loss – all seen through the eyes of a young, helpless girl and told with startling honesty and clarity.  What eventually emerges is the Brave Heidi, the Survivor Heidi whose renewed voice tells us her story with dark yet humor-filled pathos.”
– Anne Marie Gillen

Executive Producer, Fried Green Tomatoes

Resources & Programs

Take charge of your story


the abuse

Safely plan your cult exit strategy & recovery.


Move beyond
the trauma

Actionable steps to move towards healing.


Feel wholly

Guiding you to whole life wellness after abuse

Heidi's impact

I felt all the time like I had to prove to myself and everybody I told about my past that I am not insane. That what I had been through really happened. Heidi’s program helps you hold on to your truth - because she gets it.
Mary, USA
Fundamentalism sect survivor

I know what it’s like to leave a cult when it’s all you’ve ever known

I did everything to appear normal, but inside I didn’t feel seen or known. When I was eighteen, I left BCC—a fundamentalist religious group. Once I began to understand and share my past, I started to love myself—a huge deal for a cult kid.

I embarked on a journey of rewriting my story—my way. Today, my life feels right, and I feel truly and wholly connected and confident.

Yours can too with the help of my resources dedicated to growth and healing for cult kids and those who experienced trauma by narcissistic abuse.

Heidi Hough

truth ambassador

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