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Heidi Hough Productions (HHP) is seeking a strategic partner to launch After The Cult – the world’s first multimedia awareness platform providing education, entertainment, and recovery resources about cults, coercion, and human trafficking.


Build After the Cult brand as a leading resource in cooperation with the United Nations for women and children globally impacted by cults, coercion, slavery, and religious fanaticism.  

Mission Statement

Offering a safe & inclusive community for survivors and families after narcissism, trafficking, and cultic abuse to find support, tools and recovery resources to integrate back into society – or enter it for the first time.

Phase one: Raise Awareness

Partnering with existing production studio to monetize HHP assets and develop additional: written, video, print, live events, do it yourself training, facilitated training.

Existing HHP content includes:

Docuseries – 5 episodes exposing a cult The Hidden Kingdom – Female survivors rise up against the extremist patriarchy that muzzled them.   

Book Jezebel, a 320-page memoir chronicling HH’s life in the cult and escape at age 18 – manuscript was written to be easily adapted to Hollywood screenplay structure.  

Film adaptation of Jezebel – current A-list celebrity and Executive Producer have expressed interest.

Podcast & YouTube – HH, fellow survivors, industry experts, and celebrities will educate and entertain subscribers with three interactive, all–encompassing categories: Hear: Validate personal stories through interviews Help: education and knowledge Heal: expert recovery guidance and mind-body-spirit tools.

Topics to include:

Cult Kids – the unique issues facing adults face born and raised in high-control groups 

Religious Trauma Syndrome – what it is and how to free yourself 

Betrayal Trauma – what it is and how to recover 

Toxic Families – how cults affect families and how they can be mini-cults 

Narcissistic Relationships – the original one-on-one cults 

Trauma bonds and Stockholm Syndrome

DemystifyingBrainwashing’ – what it is NOT – how we are all susceptible

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Phase TwO: Establish a Nonprofit Foundation

To support and empower survivors of extremism and high-control

Short-term Goals:

Provide direct aid i.e. scholarships towards higher education and living resources after escape 

Long-term Goals:

Collaborate with other abuse nonprofits, legal entities and government agencies to:

  • promote and enable higher education
  • revoke the religious status rights of various cults
  • introduce coercive control statutes in legislation
  • update international children’s rights statutes to clarify brainwashing and propaganda parameters  

After The Cult will sell:

Entertainment Properties Page 2

Self-guided digital course Break the Bonds 

Coaching Program From Buried to Blooming 

Monthly Subscription Community/coaching

Partnerships and Sponsorships In conversation with United Nations, celebrity Ambassadors and A-list actors and authors

Domains we own and control:





Heidi's Story

Born in 1980, raised in Wisconsin, Norway and Alaska in a fundamentalist cult that forbade higher education for women, Heidi Hough literally ran away at the age of 18 and became a track star on an Ivy League sports scholarship – as told in her memoir  Jezebel and exposé docuseries.


After graduation Heidi worked as assistant to Hollywood screenwriters, as an LA Times journalist and as an entertainment marketing executive for Saatchi & Saatchi. 


A cult healing advocate and filmmaker, Heidi’s book, documentary and Youtube channel reveal the shocking truth behind the international cult organization of her childhood, and many others, which have been hiding in plain sight for decades.


Heidi has spoken internationally including at the United Nations and International Cultic Studies Association on cult recovery. Heidi’s voice and mission have attracted widespread media interest including direct current conversations with CBS’ 60 Minutes, NY Times, Anderson Cooper and Oprah. Heidi is committed to building this multimedia recovery brand to benefit women and children under coercive control everywhere.

Heidi Hough

truth ambassador

To further discuss development and funding of this multimedia launch please contact Heidi Hough at heidi@heidihough.com or (424) 5377233.   

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