memoir By Heidi Hough


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Heidi has written a compelling and important story, engaging from the personal point of view and with implications for our time.

Barbara Kreiger PhD

Dartmouth College
Graduate chair of Creative Writing

The cult that raised Heidi Hough couldn’t suppress the girl’s wild, creative spirit, and now this talented firsttime author can’t suppress the stories clamoring to escape her roiling mind. Don’t worry, though. Hough’ writing is not mere catharsis or payback. Rather, the trauma of her exceptional childhood bursts onto the page transformed by warmth, generosity and humor. Her honesty teases universal insights from a coming of age tale that verges on the surreal.

Bob Sipchen

Author of Baby Insane and The Buddha and a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist at The Los Angeles Times

It's great to see the shadows come to light and hope that many of your readers can raise their children in healthier environments than the ones from which they may have come. Creatively, it's inspiring to know that this book’s story - your story - can and will illuminate the stories of others.

Linda Knowlton

Director, Makers: Women Who Make America, Split at the Root Executive Producer, Whale Rider

From the opening pages, Church Heidi vs real Heidi grabs you and takes you on an incredible journey filled with tragedy, love and loss – all seen through the eyes of a young, helpless girl and told with startling honesty and clarity. What eventually emerges is the Brave Heidi, the Survivor Heidi whose renewed voice tells us her story with dark yet humor-filled pathos.

Anne Marie Gillen

Executive Producer, Fried Green Tomatoes

Comedy and tragedy woven around a clever new spin on the age-old tale of family dysfunction. Ms. Hough is a unique new voice with a story worth telling

Jim Herzfeld

Screenwriter, Meet the Parents, Meet the Fockers, Toy Story 2

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